API Demos

Logo Detection

Demos: Video Analysis for Finance / Audio Amplitude / NLP / Logo Detection

We offer a variety of API endpoints which allow developers to quickly bypass the most labor intensive portions of developing AI and deep learning applications.

Custom Setup
A single logo file is provided via API. This logo file is then analyzed in seconds, and run against a second batch API call of "real-world" images where the logo may be present. A JSON file is returned indicating filenames analyzed, and the x/y/height/width of the detected logo.

Video and Image Analysis

Easily extract and ingest JSON metadata from still images and streaming video/audio. Simply provide your data stream locations, and advise us of the desired function. We currently support financial data extraction, facial detection, body detection, logo detection, psychographics and audio amplitude extraction (along with custom requests).

Natural Language Processing

Our proprietary NLP API can analyze freeform text (plain, or machine transcribed) for customizable financial terms, concepts, keywords, entities, sentiment, taxonomies and 39 unique psychological/conceptual properties.

Our API Endpoints

Datascription currently provides 6 consumer accessible API endpoints which allow developers to build AI and deep learning applications.

  • Facial Recognition
  • Logo Detection
  • Object Detection
  • NLP, and market-specific NLP
  • Psychographics/Conceptual
  • Audio Amplitude


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