Our Team

Information about our Founders.

Jonathan Wilder

The inventor of the technology, and cofounder, Jonathan Wilder has been a programmer since the age of 8 years old. He also served as the 6th full time employee at the financial firm "The Motley Fool" in the 1990s. Wilder has sold two companies, one to United Way as a partner in 2005, and created a passive income company generating over $2 million dollars annually with himself as the only employee between 2002-2006. Wilder has also actively been involved in SIGINT and HUMINT programming, performing duties for multiple US allied countries in the Middle East, the Caribbean and West Africa. Wilder speaks Spanish, and has lived in 8 countries.

Kenny DeAngelis

Kenny is a cofounder in the business, and a longtime partner. He runs a successful real estate practice in California, Texas and New York generating millions in revenue yearly. He has also built, and sold multiple technology platforms in both real estate and finance.